Practice Areas

At The Dennis Law Firm, LLC, we only represent individuals who have been injured in a catastrophic accident or who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s wrongdoing.

By focusing solely on victims of catastrophic injuries and victims of wrongful death, our firm has the resources in place to help each victim:

  • Access the best medical care for his or her injuries;
  • Quickly identify his or her present needs and what sources are available to pay for the care, i.e. health insurance through an employer, special grants or governmental benefits;
  • Work with doctors, hospitals, nurses, and medical technology suppliers to identify what medical products and services he or she is likely to need in the future;
  • To develop a life care plan with an economist, who will help us put a hard number on how much money it will take to address his or her present and future needs.

Some of the cases The Dennis Law Firm, LLC focuses on are: